QB prospects

So, we’re officially looking at life post DC. There’s a lot of debate, and options of what that looks like, do we sign a veteran? Trade for a former 1st rounder who might just need a change in scenery? Or let JM and DZ hand pick their guy?

I think we’ve learned that QB success largely has to do with the situation (scheme fit, surrounding talent, culture, organizational leadership) and personally, due to my lack of confidence in the last two, I’d rather roll out a vet, and build a strong roster before trotting out a rookie, but, let’s take a look at the top guys in this draft, as 5 are likely to go R1, and what I think at least, about the fit

1. Bryce Young, Alabama, 6’0, 194

Idc about size, this dude is special. Anticipation, accuracy, IQ, processing speed, ability to create, he can just both take what’s given, and run your offense perfectly, or create something out of nothing. QB I would be most comfortable with, and I’d be happy about, but we would probably have to trade up to get him, which, if we can get a 1st or future first out of DC, I wouldn’t be mad about, but I’d rather hold onto that, and sell the farm next year for Caleb Williams. If we decide we want our guy now, I think we would thrive in our current offense, or be an enticing guy to build around for a new staff next year. As far as a comp goes, I’d say he reminds me of Joe Burrow, but if he, like, freaky fridayed into Tuas body. Or like, if Kyler Murray wasn’t as fast, and focused more on being a pocket passer.

2.C.J Stroud, Ohio State, 6’3 218

If I was confident CJ Stroud was always going to be the guy from the Georgia game, this would be a little different. CJ has good height, a good arm, good anticipation, and is good accuracy. He is best when in rhythm, on schedule, and playing within the offense. He struggles mightily when playing outside of the structure, or pressured. Sound Familiar? Also, was mostly a first read guy, who struggled with progressions until the Georgia game. Honestly reminds me a lot of DC. I like him, but I don’t love him, think he will take a couple years (not as pro ready as young) and I like next years class. More than him. Personally? I pass

3. Will Levis, Kentucky, 6’3 232

As previously mentioned, QB picking is situational. There are places where Levis would be my #1 guy, but we are not one of them. The positives? Very strong arm (borderline elite) and can put touch, and layer. Super tough, and Gritty. Has some athletic ability. Played in a pro offense. Now, he really needs to clean up his decision making, and take better care of the football, and shoe more consistent accuracy. I’ve heard Josh Allen as a comp, but I think stronger armed Danny Dimes, or if Dan Campbell raised Matt Stafford ( this guy would be perfect for Detroit) fits better. I also like pre-NFL Justin Herbert. I would want him to go somewhere with strong leadership, a winning culture, and at least a couple years with it (Giants, Vikings, Lions) but I actually like Levis a lot, I’m just scared of JM ruining him, but I could be talked into him being the #2 guy, and I’d be hopeful in his talent, and our supporting cast. He has experience in a pro system, we could lean on the run, and hopefully he cuts down on trying to play hero ball, and bad decisions.

4. Anthony Richardson, Florida 6’4 230

I get his talent. I get the athletic ability. I get the Justin Fields Comp. He’s way more Cam Newton, and a no for me. The difference between him and fields, is fields had way more accuracy coming out of college, and that’s still the thing he needs to work on. Richardson had the type of Air Mails that brought back flash backs of Jamarcus Russell. This guy is years off, and I think that’s fine if you have strong leadership, Dabboll or Dorsey, or a run first and often identity and are comfortable with a run first QB, that’s just not us, or maybe me personally. My comp is a faster Cam Newton

Later round QBS that intrigue me

Jaren Hall, BYU, 6’1 205

mid take him R3, but I think he has an exciting skill set that could transfer to future starter

Hendon Hooker, Tennessee, 6’3, 218

injury, and age make him a 5th rounder for me, as well as wide open college spread offense, but he checks all the boxes as far as good arm, good accuracy, athletic, tough, so I’d take a flyer on a potential starter one day.

Max Duggan, TCU 6’1, 210

gritty, tough, athletic, reminds me of Ehlinger, or could be a Taysom Hill, would take him in the 6th

Stetson Bennet, Georgia, 5’11 200

Does not physically project to the NFL, but you have to love the way he plays the game, his toughness, his grit, his accuracy. Could he beat the odds? I think he could, and I’d happily spend a 6th or 7th rounder on him.

In conclusion, unless we get the ammo to trade for Young, without stripping the cupboard bare, I’d rather pass on the 1st round QB class this year. If we settle on Stroud, or Gambke in Levi’s, I won’t be mad, but I’d rather go all in with Williams, land on Maye, or take a swing at Ewers next year.