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Silver Minings: Josh Jacobs ‘top of to-do list’ for Las Vegas per ESPN

Seems like the obvious call

NFL: San Francisco 49ers at Las Vegas Raiders
Josh Jacobs
Stephen R. Sylvanie-USA TODAY Sports

The biggest question the Las Vegas Raiders face this offseason is what to do with running back Josh Jacobs now that his contract is set to expire after declining his fifth-year option last offseason.

But with Derek Carr’s contract about to come off the books, the dilemma surrounding Jacobs really boils down to how valuable his position is, as analytics have de-valued running backs in recent years. However, according to an article by ESPN’s insiders, the Raiders won’t be concerned about that with their back.

“It will be an offseason of change in Las Vegas, but retaining Jacobs should be near the top of the to-do list. While running back is mainly a replaceable position, Jacobs is elite and means a lot to the program.

He was named a team captain late in the season when the incumbent captains requested it. That speaks volumes. It might be a deal worth $14 million or so per year after Jacobs led the league in rushing with 1,653 yards.”

If Jacobs does sign for $14 million per year, he’ll rank fourth among running backs, per, between the Dallas Cowboys Ezekiel Elliot and the Minnesota Vikings Davlin Cook. Of course, the years will play a big factor in the rushing champ’s next deal, too. But something in the ballpark of a three-year agreement at that rate feels like a no-brainer for Las Vegas.

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