The other #12

So Aaron Rodgers need some time to emotionally and mentally figure out if he wants to stay in GB where the analytics nerds prob wanna rebuild with some cheap talent.

We are going to have to cut Carr, nobody will trade for him.. why would they? Save us what, 40 mil?

Rodgers will have how many teams willing to take on the 60 mil he is owed? Not sure how many guaranteed years.

What if Rodgers gets cut?

In a division with Mahomes, Herbert, and even Wilson with a new coach, its hard to sell me on Stidham.

I can't see Mark Davis super cool with that.

Don't get me wrong, Stidham showed some game in very limited action, against two possible SuperBowl teams, he showed me some guts and playmaking ability.

He was also a bit reckless. The offensive line might just need to be priority #1.

If you ask me who I'd rather? Rodgers at 39, or Brady at 46, I'll ride with AAron.

One thing left to prove. Get that 2nd ring. Back with your boy Davante. The narrative sounds better to me. Story book ending, winning the SuperBowl in Las Vegas.

Let Brady team up with his buddy Sean Payton in Carolina er some dumb shit.

Or just go back to the Pats...then Mac could be another backup plan.

McDaniels doesn't wanna crawl back with Brady. Think he wants to do it on his own.