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Silver Minings: Don’t forget the importance of the backup quarterbacks

Chances of the starter lasting a full season isn’t great

Kansas City Chiefs v Las Vegas Raiders
Jarrett Stidham
Photo by Chris Unger/Getty Images

While the Las Vegas Raiders’ biggest priority this offseason will be to find a replacement for Derek Carr, who is likely done playing for the franchise, the reality is the Raiders will need a quality backup as well.

Every backup, of course, is one play from hitting the field. A recent study by shows that starting quarterbacks have just a 51.3 percent chance of making it through a 17-game season. The study was based of information from a five-season window using

The Raiders were lucky with Carr. He stayed healthy for most of his nine seasons as the team’s starter.

So, no matter who replaces Carr, there will be a need for a backup and the team could try to keep Jarrett Stidham in that role if they don’t’ give him a chance to start if he is re-signed as a free agent.

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