Carson Palmer Redux?

Well, hello again to Raider fans. After the Arizona game where the Raiders utterly collapsed, I called a timeout on the frustrating endeavor of following the Silver and Black which I have been doing since 1966. I did this once before back in 2006. My eyes could not bear to watch how poorly the Raiders played back then but, in this case, I couldn’t bear to watch how badly they underperformed. It was painfully obvious that whatever McDaniel’s was selling, the team was not buying and this played out throughout the year as I checked in. Will McDaniel’s wash out yet again? Will he grow and learn and become and good Coach? Who knows. Right now, I would not put my money on over 8 wins for the Raiders next year LOL. I am actually over the Raiders after all that has gone on (the whole Gruden to Ruggs incidents kind of did me in as a Raiders/NFL fan) but I thought would just check in one more time.

What I want to remind us of is about is the curious story of Carson Palmer and how Derek Carr may follow a similar pattern. In 2011, in desperation Mark Davis green lighted two first rounders to the Bengals to get Palmer up off the couch and come play with the Raiders. That year the Raiders were 4-5 for the remaining games with Palmer. The next year the Raiders went 4-11 when Palmer started on a truly dreadful team. I remember being on a board similar to Silver and Black Pride back then (in fact some of you were there too) and people were saying he sucked, and we needed to get rid of him and he was a washed up QB. If only we had a mobile QB all would be well and so on.

Carson Palmer had two really good years in 2005 and 2006 drawing NFL MVP honors in 2005. After this, he seemed to just be an average QB on a bad team after sustaining a bad injury. In frustration with the team, Palmer rebelled and decided to sit out saying the team did not do enough to build the team around him into an effective competitor. That’s when the trade occurred mid-year 2011. In Oakland he continued toiling in mediocrity on a very poorly built team.

After the 2012 season, Reggie Mackenzie got rid of him (for a conditional 6th round pick) saying he did not want to be on the team, something Palmer stringently denies. In fact, the number 3 he took was in honor of the mad bomber Darrell Lamonica! Now it gets interesting. In the next three years the Cardinals combined record with Palmer starting was 29-9. Palmer’s TD to interception ratio was 60/34 while 35/30 in Oakland with a record of 8-16. He was the NFL MVP of the 2015 season with the Cards with the team having a 13-3 record losing in the NFC Championship to the Panthers. Those first three years even with Palmer coming over in his early 30’s the Cards were a playoff caliber type team going 10-6, 11-5, and 13-3 in those three years. So here is the deal, a guy that Oakland discards as a conditional sixth round pick goes on to be a franchise QB on a playoff caliber team and league MVP. I remember the comments many made about him on the Inside the Oakland Raiders Board. Many very similar to Carr made on this Board and yet he turns it around on another team.

Carr, like Palmer before him, had a couple of good years early in his career. In 2015 and 2016 he had good years only to have a couple of serious injuries that (along with other factors) led to a subpar 2017 season. He then gets a new Coach, and he starts to slowly improve from 2018-2020 becoming what some would call a top 10 QB after the 2020 season. Then comes the bizarre 2021 season, followed by the Patriots way in 2022. Now he will likely be released and go to a team like the Saints, Jets or Dolphins in his early 30’s, and what do you think will happen? My guess is the team he ends up on will have a better record than the Raiders for the next 2-3 years just like the Cards did when they got Palmer. All I can say is enjoy the suckage that is the Raiders. I defy even the Cleveland Browns to screw up as much since Al went senile all those years ago. Like the one fans sign said the other day - we do deserve better!