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Josh McDaniels quarterback history without Tom Brady has similar results to 2022

Can coach get it done without The GOAT?

New England Patriots v Las Vegas Raiders Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images

The Las Vegas Raiders season has been full of disappointments, and one of them has come at the quarterback position. Derek Carr's worst season of his career, with the addition of Davante Adams and others, was not foreseen by many.

Josh McDaniels has a reputation as a developer of quarterbacks and a play-caller. It didn't work out for Carr in this offense, with plenty of factors that could be seen as the issue.

  • Comp-60.8%
  • TD-24
  • INT-14
  • RTG-86.3
  • ANYA-6.01
  • YPA-7.0
  • DYAR-15th

If the Raiders move on from the former Fresno State Bulldog, the Raiders will be trusting in McDaniels to prove his prowess.

The former Patriots' offensive coordinator's track record without Tom Brady has been inconsistent. Without the legend running the show, he hasn't finished with a passing offense top ten in DVOA or EPA. Not one quarterback has ended with a rating over 95, with the highest YPA at 7.3.

With a few offenses regressing when McDaniels stepped into the helm as the play caller. His best results outside of Brady have come with Belichick at the helm, and McDaniels is running the Patriot's head coach's choice of offensive scheme. Examining his track record doesn't create much optimism for the future.

Matt Cassell

  • 1 season
  • Comp-63.4%
  • TD-21
  • INT-11
  • RTG-89.8
  • ANYA-6.04
  • YPA-7.2
  • DYAR-18th

Matt Cassell helped push Jay Cutler out the door when McDaniels wanted to bring the signal caller to Denver. Cassell made respectable numbers that year working with Randy Moss and Wes Welker. Even with the weapons outside, the Patriots fell from 1st in DVOA passing to 14th. The mystique of McDaniels as a quarterback wizard started to form.

Kansas City Chiefs v Denver Broncos
Josh McDaniels, Kyle Orton
Photo by Dilip Vishwanat/Getty Images

Kyle Orton

  • Two seasons
  • Comp-60.5%
  • TD-41
  • Int-21
  • Yards-7445
  • RTG-87.2
  • ANYA-6.29
  • YPA-7.2
  • DYAR-12th

Kyle Orton is next up, who replaced Jay Cutler with the trade to the Chicago Bears. Orton started hot with the Broncos, and Mcdaniels looked like the league's best story. Then reality hit, and the Broncos regressed to the mean finished 8-8 and 3-9 the following year before the removal of McDaniels. Orton's advanced stats were an improvement over Cassell, but Orton just couldn't get done in the long run.

  • Sam Bradford
  • 1 season
  • Comp-53.5%
  • TD-6
  • Int-6
  • Yards-2164
  • RTG-70.5
  • ANYA-4.49
  • YPA-6.1
  • DYAR-31st

After coaching Kyle Orton into a bridge starter, the hype was significant when the St. Louis Rams hired him as the offensive coordinator. Sam Bradford was entering his second year after a competent rooking season, almost making the playoffs. The numbers exhibit an ugly performance from Bradford and his worst career season. To give Mcdaniels the benefit of the doubt, this was the lockout year, and his offense is challenging for any quarterback to learn. The whole staff was fired after the season.

  • Cam Newton
  • Comp-65.8%
  • TD-8
  • Int-10
  • Yards-2657
  • RTG-82.9
  • ANYA-5.44
  • YPA-7.2
  • DYAR-31st

Cam Newton, as the replacement for Tom Brady, had the makings of a fantastic story for both sides. The relationship didn't work out through the air, with Newton having his worst season as a quarterback. His struggles to pick up the offense were clear on film but improved as the season progressed. Even as a runner, Newton regressed, having the second-lowest YPC of his career at 4.3. He was let go the next season to avoid distractions with the next quarterback.

New England Patriots v Las Vegas Raiders
Mac Jones, Josh McDaniels
Photo by Chris Unger/Getty Images

  • Mac Jones
  • Comp-67.8%
  • TD-22
  • Int-13
  • Yards-3801
  • RTG-92.5
  • ANYA-6.22
  • YPA-7.3
  • DYAR-12th

Mac Jones pushed Cam Newton out the door beating him in the camp battle. Jones got off to a slow start but picked up midseason, assisting the Patriots to go on a six-game winning streak. The interceptions crept back up to finish the year, and the Patriots got demolished by the Buffalo Bills in the postseason. The Raiders head coach got the most production through the air with Mac Jones and the highest DYAR since Kyle Orton.

Overall, The track record matches similar stats with Carr running the show. The case could be made that these are not the highest-quality quarterbacks, and he coached Jimmy Garoppolo successfully during his two starts. When you examine further, you find Orton started with nine touchdowns and one interception during the 6-0 run. A whole-season outlook is the best indicator of success in the future.

Mac Jones could be an option to keep everything afloat, being a player who has played average football in this offense as a rookie. His regression will scare most, but McDaniels might love his upside and execution of the scheme.

The John Carroll graduate might be able to coach Brady if he decides to join the Raiders this offseason. If that doesn't happen, McDaniels will get another chance to prove he can get it done through the air without the greatest of all time.