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Reviewing your comments on which Raider has disappointed you the most

There is a lot of heat to go around

Kansas City Chiefs v Las Vegas Raiders
Josh McDaniels
Photo by Jeff Bottari/Getty Images

Our Tuesday community question this week was what Raiders player (or coach) has most disappointed you.

The question was open for figures in the franchise of any era. Yet, most of the answers focused on the current team and that’s understandable since this team is coming off a disappointing 6-11 season. Understandably, coach Josh McDaniels took a lot of heat as did several players.

Below are some of your responses and thanks for participating:

RaiderPovi17 said:

Derek Carr. Failed to lead this team, failed to meet or excced expectations of a $40mil QB and failed to show courage in the face of adversity.

1973_SIW said:

1. McDaniels

2. Chandler Jones

3. Patrick Graham

4. Darren Waller

Bloodylimey said:

Where do you start??

My Disappointments (Players only):

Clelin Ferrell - Gunther drafted him (#4), Gus had an improved D without him, and I had hoped Graham would find a way to bring out the award-wining, Championship winner in him.... 2 sacks.... :-(

Chandler Jones only because of the size of the contract

Anthony Averett cost $4mil. for what?

Tashawn Bower - 6 games and 0.5 tackles.... goodnight


Trevor Moehrig, Johnathon Abram, Rock Ya Sin, Neil Farrell, Jerry Tillery, Malcolm Koonce, Matthew Butler.... that’s just on defence.....


Mark Davis


GoVegas4048 said:

I think Josh McD being unable to properly manage the players. Unable to get his offense installed / understood / functioning properly at most levels. When it did work, usually the first half, it fell to pieces in the second half. Players failed but again that is a reflection of the coaching staff more than lack of effort.