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Silver Minings: 3 teams to inquire about Derek Carr per ESPN

Expectation is for Carr to get traded

Oakland Raiders v New York Jets
Derek Carr

It sounds like trade discussions are heating up for the Las Vegas Raiders’ nine-year starting quarterback, Derek Carr. ESPN’s Jeremy Fowler said on SportsCenter this weekend that there is a market for Carr’s services.

“Derek Carr, he will be traded; that is the expectation,” Fowler said. “I’m told that he’s started to do his homework on prospective teams. He has a no-trade clause, so he’s got a lot of power here. The teams I talk to expect a variation of the Saints, the Commanders, and the Jets to all inquire. I’m told some teams have already made some early initial calls to the Raiders but still in the process of coming out of the season. There’s not a lot of traction yet. Expect this to heat up closer to the Super Bowl.”

Derek’s brother, David, had recently indicated that the youngest Carr will be looking for a stable situation, so the Commanders are a somewhat questionable landing spot with owner Daniel Snyder looking to sell the team. However, Washington does have a solid stable of receivers and has been looking for a quarterback for a few years now.

It feels like the Jets would be Carr’s preferred destination out of those three. They were close to being a wild card team and have a young, up-and-coming roster and head coach with Roberts Saleh. Meanwhile, the Raiders’ soon-to-be former quarterback could reunite with his first NFL head coach, Dennis Allen, in New Orleans.

Trade compensation-wise, the Commanders have eight draft picks (four in the first four rounds), the Jets have six (four) and the Saints have seven (three).

Fowler also discussed the possibility of Tom Brady heading to Las Vegas:

“Expectation is that he’ll take his time here. A couple of weeks, maybe a month to figure out whether he’s going to play or not,” the insider explained. “Should he play, the Raiders believe they’ll be a player, they expect to be one of a handful of teams to be in the mix. The [Tampa Bay Buccaneers] certainly have not given up hope. They believe they have a good chance to get him back. We’ll see, it sounded like Tom Brady said a bit of his farewells at his press conference.”

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