IF YOU WANT TO SMILE, LAUGH, and CRY READ THIS (Raider Ball Boy 1968 & 1969)

I thought I'd jump in to share where my mind is regarding OUR RAIDERS:

1. Yes, I was a BALL BOY in 1968 and 1969. I could tell you countless TRUE stories from inside the locker room. Yes, George Blanda was the biggest jerk when I was there (He wouldn't even autograph the black & white 8x10 photos the team gave us to have the players sign). Yes, we wore those stupid powder blue t-shirts (YUCK).

2. I am so tired of losing.

3. I am disgusted with all the "closet" 49er fans telling me I should root for "their" team. I don't mind so much a TRUE 49er fan boosting their team, but you bandwagon fans can go away...far away!

4a. IMO... no way we trade up for a QB. We need to sign a vet QB (Brady or Rodgers) and draft a QB somewhere and let them learn. You can't tell me there aren't hidden gem QBs available. Forget what the experts say about a guy. We all know how much stock they have (Brady & Purdy come to mind).


5. 1969 we are playing the CHIEFS in Oakland. Losing at half time. I see MADDEN (1st year as HC) walk into the locker room and bee-line to BIG BEN. Madden grabs his jersey and, no lie, lifts him off the ground! He said a LOT of bad words for a little 13 year-old kid to hear (much more innocent times back then).

6. I'm now 67 and no idea how many years I have left, but I sure look forward to being relevant and winning again.

I wrote way too much, but a lot was bottled up from this year. I just hope JM & DZ know what they're doing.

Peace & Love Raider Nation