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Derek Carr appears focused on picking next team

His brother makes it clear quarterback will be playing in 2023

NFL: DEC 24 Raiders at Steelers
Derek Carr
Photo by Mark Alberti/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

NFL Network analyst David Carr made waves Monday when he gave passionate thoughts on his brother Derek Carr.

What’s newsworthy about the segment, though, was that his older brother made it clear that Derek Carr has no plans to retire and he is already thinking about his next team. Of course, on multiple occasions, Derek Carr, 31, had said he couldn’t imagine playing in another uniform and would likely walk away from the NFL if he couldn’t play for the Raiders.

Yet, after being suddenly benched last week, Carr, who is staying away from the team for the rest of the season, clearly is still focused on playing.

That’s good news for the Raiders as they will almost surely look to trade Carr and get draft capital in return. Yet, because of a deadline (his future has to be figured out three days after the Super Bowl), it is no sure thing that the Raiders can trade Carr. He has a no-trade clause that was written into the contract extension he signed last year. So, if Carr doesn’t cooperate with the Raiders, they could be forced to release him. That may be a better avenue for Carr because he could get a jump on free agency.

And from the tone of David Carr’s words, it doesn’t seem like Derek Carr is currently in the mood to help out the Raiders much as he plans to look for a new home with “stability” at the ownership and head coach spots.

The next six weeks will be fascinating, but it is clear we will see Carr in the NFL next season, just not in the Silver and Black.