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Reviewing your comments on NFL records that won’t be broken

Some good, creative answers

NFL: Super Bowl XV
Rod Martin
Manny Rubio-USA TODAY Sports

Tuesday, our community question was what NFL record do you think will never be broken.

We had a lot of fun and interesting responses and, yes, some had a Raiders’ feel. Let’s look at some of your responses:

Fullyman said:

It’s not really breaking a record but I don’t think we’ll see another perfect season

Goodtrips said:

Rod Martin’s 3 Super Bowl interceptions from Super Bowl XV will stand forever.

Seaofhands said:

Probably a QB winning 7 SBs with two different teams.

Sassybrass said:

5 blown leads of at least 10 points or more.....

Justin Adventure said

I am gonna go with something more practical that is attainable but I don’t foresee happening in my life.

81 career interceptions by Paul Krause.

18,355 rushing yards by Emmitt Smith

The3rdMacManusBrother said:

Obviously distance records that are maxed can now only be tied so I took those out.

How about Favre with 336 INTs thrown? That’s huge considering Blanda is second with 277.