Loss Rant (L3)


It’s no secret we’re the doldrums of the NFL. Clearly there’s talent on this team, but we struggle with fundamental football and after 4 games (and one of those wins came against a team more putrid than we are) we have officially hit rock bottom.


Not a "bad" day for AOC; he made rookie mistakes which is what rookies do. The problem is our OL has been an embarrassment the entire season. Mack has been pedestrian all season until today. Our OL makes every defensive player look like they’re going to the Hall of Fame. Jacobs has no room to run, is always hit in the backfield, and nobody is winning their one-on-one assignments. What was once the staple of this team has now REGRESSED. What is wrong with Miller?


The Chargers play hero ball and there were 4 times that I can recall where we should’ve had INTS. We have "spotty" play and still look like we’re lost in situational football. TEs run wide open and the middle of the DL is still a marshmallow. As bad as our defense is if you take Crosby off this defense we’d be worse!


I’ve saved my words for this section. Until McDaniels is FIRED and take GRAHAM with him we will continue to either lose games or not build a winning culture. We were already teetering on being inconsistent with Gruden/Bisacia. We had a fools gold 10-7 record and a playoff birth that was gifted to us by the Chargers. Yet in all of that McDaniels come in and we’re WORSE today than we where when he got here. Above average players have been replaced with below average to play in a complicated-yet idiotic offense. That is not going to get fixed this week. We have what we have. I’m more concerned about the culture of this team. What kind of culture do we have when Tilllery can blast a QB and think there was nothing wrong with it? And it’s not like it’s his first time! He lost us the Rams game last season by being stupid. Obviously Graham and McDaniels have no sense of discipline on this team!

Look at the offensive play calling and execution across the league? We’re a HS team in comparison. Jacob left, Jacob right. Adams 10 yard curl. Adams 5 yard out. Adams 15 yard seam pass (hoping for an interference call). It’s so vanilla. I wouldn’t be upset if we had a supposedly terrible offense but we’re supposed to have an offensive mastermind! We’re supposed to have a coach who is great at scheming! I hate to say it but the offensive masterminds are in KC and Miami. We’re not in the same conversation! I still bleed silver and black but these colors are starting to fade a little bit. KEEP ADAMS AND CROSBY……blow up the Front office and start over again.