The level of competition is about to go down. There should be 3 straight weeks of W's via Packers, Patriots, Bears, with the opportunity to use the time to get dialed in to where we are a good enough team to try to take down the Lions.

This is the reality of what is happening. We can't just rage if it doesn't happen instantly. All teams gel as the season goes on. Some teams are already gelled.

I think our upside is pretty high with quality experience at key positions, if they can continue to build on each game.

If we can't get past the Lions with a W, then it gets tougher where we'd have to steal a game from the Chiefs, beat the Vikings, or by some miracle handle the Dolphins game just to get to 10 Wins. These guys really need to improve each week and just keep at it.

If they don't get it going, it's back to Hard Knocks where another ex-superbowl QB Jared Goff was with his team not too long ago. At least we have that base to start with.