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Community pulse: What NFC team reminds fans of the Raiders?

A little fun on a Friday

NFL: Kansas City Chiefs at Las Vegas Raiders
Raiders logo
Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The main objective of this community, for me, is to inform our great members of everything that is going on with the Las Vegas Raiders.

After the information flow, fun is the next objective. We love fun and that’s a big part of our Tuesday Community question series.

This week’s question kept in that theme. This week, we asked you what NFC team reminds you of the Las Vegas Raiders.

How you come up to your answer is up to you. You can base it off of history or the current makeup of the team. Here are some of your responses:

Sorry, the premise is weak.
Chicago Bears.
Yeah, Bears are closest in having a glorious past and a pretty mediocre last 20 years.... they stuck with Lovie longer than the Raiders stuck with anyone, but then again I don't think any team has had the coaching rollercoaster the Raiders have had over the last 20 years...
The Caridnals. Except they have some hope with their new staff.

Thanks again for your thoughts.

Head to the comments section to share your thoughts and join the conversation. You can sign up for a commenting account below and we have full-time moderators to enforce the Community Guidelines and we have another community question for you Tuesday.

Cheers and happy weekend.