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Derek Carr and Darren Waller watch Week 6: Former Raiders’ playoff hopes take a hit

Rough Sunday for a couple of old friends

New Orleans Saints v Houston Texans
Derek Carr
Photo by Cooper Neill/Getty Images

While the Las Vegas Raiders got a big win yesterday, Week 6 wasn’t as kind to a couple of former Raiders. Derek Carr and the New Orleans Saints couldn’t beat his brother’s old team, the Houston Texans, and Darren Waller wasn’t able to come down with the New York Giants’ game-winning touchdown against the Buffalo Bills.

Derek Carr

  • Stats: 32/50, 353 yards, 1 TD, 1 INT
  • Game result: 20-13, Saints lose

This was another typical Carr game where he put up some impressive stats and had a few nice throws, but he couldn’t get the win and had a few passes that made him a punchline on social media (see below). He even had a check down to Alvin Kamara on fourth down during the team’s second-to-last drive of the game where a touchdown would have given them a chance to win. At the end of the day, Carr just wasn’t good enough to get the victory and the defense wasn’t to blame this time.

NFC South Standings

  1. Tampa Bay 3-2 (Point differential: +2)
  2. New Orleans 3-3 (+13)
  3. Atlanta 3-3 (-21)
  4. Carolina 0-6 (-74)

The good news for Carr and the Saints is the Buccaneers also lost so they didn’t give up any ground in the division standings. New Orleans will need a win next week on Thursday night against Jacksonville though since Tampa Bay hosts New Orleans on Sunday.

Darren Waller

  • Waller Stats: 5 catches, 43 yards
  • Game result: 14-9, Giants lose

The Giants surprised a lot of people by making this one close and leading for most of the game, but they couldn’t finish the job in the fourth quarter and ended up falling short. Waller had a solid outing as the team’s third-leading receiver and New York dialed his number on a jump ball in the end zone at the end of the game, but it looked like he was getting held/interfered with. The clip is below and it looks to me that the defensive back had his hand on Waller’s arm, preventing the tight end from being able to go up with two hands and high-point the ball, but you be the judge.

NFC East Standings:

  1. Philadelphia 5-1 (+31)
  2. Dallas 3-2 (+51)*
  3. Washington 3-3 (-43)
  4. New York 1-5 (-96)

*Cowboys play Chargers tonight on Monday Night Football

New York’s playoff hopes are pretty much just a pipe dream as they’re four games back of the division lead in just six weeks. They’re also two games back from a log jam of 3-3 NFC teams who are tied for the last wild card spot, so the G-Men are closer to the No. 1 overall pick than a playoff berth.