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Silver Minings: Maxx Crosby is an Iron Man

Las Vegas star pass-rusher never leaves the field

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New England Patriots v Las Vegas Raiders
Maxx Crosby
Photo by Chris Unger/Getty Images

We can write and talk about what Maxx Crosby means to the Las Vegas Raiders’ defense and never get tired of it.

No one in this community does.

Every week, it seems the importance of Crosby to the Raiders grows and what he does seems even more impressive and even mind boggling. And one of the greatest things about Crosby is that the dude never leaves the field.

Since Week 4, Crosby has been on the field for every defensive snap Las Vegas has played. According to the Sportsradar via Associated Press, no other defensive lineman in the league this has played 100 percent of the snaps in any game this year. Then, there’s Maxx.

He’s a joy to watch.

In other Raiders’ news: