Ziegler and McDaniels are failing miserably.

After yet another disaster loss to cap off a three game losing streak the wheels appear to be falling off. Is there anything one can point to - other than trading for Adams - that has gone right? The answer is no.

They took over a 10 win playoff team (flawed, yes but had a winning record over the previous 3 seasons so it wasn't a fluke) and have driven it *straight into the ground*. Other than a handful of players they have gutted the roster and replaced them with even worse players.

Nothing is working. FA signings are a disaster. The Chandler Jones fiasco alone is a fireable offense.

The draft picks stink. Ziegler squandered TWO draft classes including the #7 pick and 12 draft picks just this year alone.

The coaching staff is garbage. The Defense is still a complete joke, even basics like tackling are still a clown show. Stupid penalties and lack of discipline are a weekly occurance.

And the Offense... The *one* thing McDaniels was supposed to be good at he has failed time and time again. The Offense stinks, play calling and game management are a joke.

On top of that, team morale is at an all-time low.

And yet he sits there in his press conferences and feeds the 'reporters' the same BS over and over again. Can you imagine what he does to the players behind the scenes?

I tried to support these guys but they're making it impossible. I can't find *anything* that shows they know what they're doing and can somehow turn this mess that *they've* created around.

Whoever convinced Mark to hire McDaniels (I have a sneaking suspicion it was Gruden himself) has done him and us an injustice.

Mark needs to hire a President of Football Operations to be the one to properly assess the current staff and find the next one. He hired a President of 'Marketing?' but she knows nothing about football. Hell, at this point she can't do any worse. But seriously he needs someone experienced and competent to take the decision making out of his hands because he's clearly is not capable of making good football decisions.

As crazy as it sounds, I miss Jack Del Rio. He is not an X-and-O guy but a leader of men who played the game himself and he demanded and earned players respect. He turned the team around in two years got to 12-4 and got an extension because of it - but was summarily fired the next year because Gruden called up his 'little buddy' to tell him he he wanted to coach again - and have complete control of the franchise. JDR was fired because Mark made an emotional decision. He did it again by firing the staff that got to 10-7 for the fraud that is Josh McDaniels and Dave Ziegler who had never been a GM before in his life - and never will be again.

There is no question Zielger and McDaniels need to be fired - they are both incompetent and have failed on all fronts. But that needs to happen *after* the season.

After Mark hires someone *else* to make that decision. He can go play hopscotch with his WNBA team but leave the football decisions to others. It's time. He claims himself he's not a football guy it's time to hire someone who is to hire the next GM and HC.