Mark Davis, Please read this desperate fan post

Mark Davis, seems like you could give a shit about Raider fans and how they feel. You made a huge mistake hiring this General Mgr. and Coach.

If you havent seen enough to realize this then it's a dam shame. God help us, we have no hope until the changes that need to be made are done. Seem's to me that you'r more interested in the fight game than your own team. I see you sitting ringside at every big fight. Use that same passion towards your team.

Your team has some talent but not enough to be considered a contender for the Super Bowl.
You need a Coach that will infuse a winning attitude, no nonsense environment plus get rid of medicore players that make dumb mistakes and are just there for a paycheck.

Maybe a Jim Harbaugh and a new qb Caleb Williams would be a great start.

A Coach that players would respect and comes with a junk yard dog attitude. Someone that can make the Raiders feared again. Someone who inspires his players to be great. A Coach that has played this game and know's what it takes to make us great again. A Coach with ties to a great Defensive Coach.

C'mon Mark bite the bullet and pull the trigger. As Spike Lee would say " Do the right thing " This can be done.

I'm a Raider fan since your Dad was a young pup and would love to see us respected again before his time's up.