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From Vann McElroy to Rod Martin to Tyrone Wheatley there has been some special non-star Raiders

Under-the-radar but always remembered

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Vann McElroy
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I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again, and I’m saying it know: One of my favorite things about covering the Las Vegas Raiders is diving into the history of this storied franchise.

The 1970s Oakland Raiders are are the coolest, most bad-ass collection of professional athletes I’ve ever seen and that will never change.

So, when we get the chance to dive into the history of the franchise, it puts a smile on my face. That was the case this week in our Tuesday community question. This week’s question was what under-the-radar player in Raiders history was your favorite.

Of course, we got a lot of great answers with players from several eras remembered. Here are some of your responses:

I don't play favorites, not even sure what that means to be quite honest... but I'll go with a guy who's actually under the radar... Errol Mann (start googling, kids). He's the guy who - as far as I know - invented the straight ahead onside kick which we never see anymore and might work if someone tried it these days.
I appreciated CB Terry McDaniels from the very first time he stepped on the field
Eddie Anderson. He wasn't a great all around player but he DESTROYED a lot of receivers! Great hitter!
Tyrone Wheatley was fun to watch. This was towards the beginning of my fanhood, but I used to love watching him truck dudes, and then coliseum would queue up the train audio right after.
Otis Sistrunk
Vann McElroy
Pete Banaszak
Marv Hubbard
Zack Crockett
Too many to mention!
Vann McElroy
Hewritt Dixon-
230 lb running back in his day. 3 time AFL All Star and a pro bowl selection.
The man who initiated spiking the football after a score.
Dan Conners-Honorable mention.
I don't think LB Rod Martin gets the credit he deserves as a truly Great NFL Linebacker. It's not the three interceptions in the SB against the Eagles only, but throughout the 80s he was as good a LB as there was in the NFL. I honestly think he deserves to be in the HOF someday.

Thanks again for your thoughts.

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Cheers and happy weekend.