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Raiders-Bears what they’re saying: Fire Josh McDaniels trends during miserable loss

Highlights from the pressers and X/Twitter as fans have had it with Las Vegas’ head coach

Las Vegas Raiders v Chicago Bears
Josh McDaniels
Photo by Quinn Harris/Getty Images

Las Vegas Raiders head coach Josh McDaniels has hit a new low.

Coming into this Week 7 contest, McDaniels and Chicago Bears head coach Matt Eberflus were seen as two of the leading candidates to be the first head coach fired in the NFL this season. Well, those odds will likely tilt in favor of McDaniels—just not in his favor—as Eberflus’ Bears crew demolished the Raiders with a rookie undrafted free-agent quarterback from a Division II school leading the way.

Las Vegas’ 30-12 loss in the Windy City has seemingly pushed Radier Nation over the edge as ‘Fire McDaniels’ was trending on X, the site formerly known as Twitter, during the game. Granted, this isn’t the first time that’s happened, but the combination of suffering an embarrassing loss to a 1-5 team and the decision to start Brian Hoyer blowing up in his face, the fan base’s requests for the coach’s removal feel even louder.

Below are a few examples from X and quotes from the post-game press conferences.

This petition was created a few weeks ago and has gained some steam today. At the time of writing, they’re three-quarters of the way toward the goal...

Where does this loss rank among McDaniels’ worst?

I appreciate the creativity on this one.

McDaniels’ rationale on his QB decisions.

Not his fault, no, it couldn’t be........

They look like they just got back from a funeral.

Just remember, while you’re upset Monday morning at work because the Raiders suffered an embarrassing loss and want to see a change at head coach, Mark Davis is going to be partying it up and celebrating back-to-back WBNA Championships!

I mean, look at those moves!

Live look at Davante Adams!

A different tune to the plunge this week.

Lots of bad, ain’t a lot of good right now.

I’ll leave you with one last fire McDaniels post!