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Silver Minings: Where are Raiders on pace for drafting in first round?

The answer is in here

Green Bay Packers v Las Vegas Raiders
Dave Ziegler
Photo by Chris Unger/Getty Images

Coming off an embarrassing 30-12 to the one-win Chicago Bears with an undrafted free-agent quarterback making his first start is a perfect time to talk about the NFL draft.

Just where are the 3-4 Las Vegas Raiders heading toward in the 2024 NFL draft. Well, when it comes to the draft order, there is some bad news for the Raiders — they are some really lousy NFL teams.

And the Raiders aren’t even currently protected to get a top-10 draft pick. The Raiders, who picked No. 7 this year after going 6-11 in 2022, are currently on pace to have the No. 11 pick in next year’s draft.

Of course, things can change in the final 10 games of the season for the Raiders. but even if they lose most of their remaining games, there are so many bad teams that they still might not have a super high pick in the first round.

In other Raiders’ news: