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Silver Minings: Jimmy Garoppolo says “it is a process” when it comes to offensive struggles

Garoppolo feels like the offense is ready to take off

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Las Vegas Raiders v Chicago Bears Photo by Todd Rosenberg/Getty Images

The Las Vegas Raiders offense was supposed to lead the team this season. Instead, they have mostly fallen behind the defense during the year. The running game has been an issue, but the passing game isn't holding its weight either.

Jimmy Garoppolo will be back as starting quarterback this week. The last time we saw him play, the Raiders were able to be efficient through the air but faced the same red-zone struggles.

Garoppolo thinks the offense has a chance to get back on track. It will be a process, but he believes the team will buy in.

It’s a process, you have to assess different things, players have to play better, coaches have to coach better. I mean, it’s all of us. So, it’s just we’re in it together. We have a good group of guys in there, a tight-knit group. Guys came to work today and came with the right mindset; it was pretty cool.”

The Raiders have a formidable opponent this week, facing the Detroit Lions. They will need the offense to step up and live up to expectations from the offseason.

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