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Join Silver and Black Pride’s 2nd chance Survivor contest for a chance to win $100!

Another opportunity to win some money if your out in the original contest

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Las Vegas Raiders fans
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Have you already been eliminated from Silver and Black Pride’s first Survivor contest of the season or simply didn’t participate? Well, I have good news for you. We’re running a second Survivor contest for Las Vegas Raiders fans starting with Week 5 (this week)!

The contest is brought to you by DraftKings Sportsbook and the cash prize is $100 for the winner.

As a reminder, below is a quick rundown of the rules:

  • Pick one team each week to win before their game begins.
  • Since this is a new competition, all 32 teams are eligible for Week 5/your first pick.
  • If your team wins, you’re a “survivor” and move on to the next week.
  • If your team loses or ties, you’re eliminated from the competition.
  • If you forget to make a pick one week, you’re eliminated from the competition.
  • You can only pick a team once during the competition, so you have to select a new/different team and one that you haven’t picked before every week you survive the competition.
  • The competition will continue until one person is left or until the end of the season/Week 18, whichever comes first.
  • In the event that multiple people make it through Week 18 without getting eliminated or everyone left in the competition gets eliminated in the same week, the last survivors will split the prize money. For example, if four people remain in the competition in Week 15 and all pick a team that loses that week, they each get $25.

There were a few questions about how to register last time so below are a couple of notes on the process. Feel free to comment on the article below if you have any additional questions.

There was a little bit of confusion for some around signing up for the Week 1 Survivor contest, so we’re putting together a few more specifics on registration. Before we get to that, just a reminder that the second-chance contest is open to anybody who was eliminated from the first contest OR if you never signed up for the first contest. If you are still alive in the first contest, you are NOT eligible for this second-chance contest.

The registration for this game is separate from your site log-in or from a DraftKings log-in if you have one. To register for an account to play the game, go down to the game below and click on “Register for an account.” It asks for your first name, email, and a password you create. Your email will NOT be sold or given away. It is strictly so you can get a weekly reminder to make your pick and so you can get a password reset sent to you if you forget your password.

After you register, it’ll ask for an entry name. That is not the team you’re picking that week, but rather, what name will show up in the leaderboard for your entry.

Best of luck in the second chance Survivor contest and remember to head on over to DraftKings Sportsbook if you’re looking to get some more action on the games this weekend!