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As a Raider fan since 1965, I understand the burning frustration with the Raiders over the past twenty years or so. Like I've said in the past, Mark Davis is sitting on a 5-8 billion dollar franchise, so there is no real incentive for him to do anything outside of making the most mediocre effort with "perpetual rebuilding". Asses will still be in the seats during the season, doesn't matter if the butts are Raider fans, opposing fans or just people on vacation in Vegas.
To be blunt: "ass is ass" and the organization is not hurting at all on the financial side as many would think.

Plain and simple from an HR perspective, McDaniels was a poor hire. The jury is still out on Ziegler. I might suspect that Mark Davis has very little thoughts on having any legitimate football personnel, meaning people who have been in the NFL and deeply understand how this vast, monopolistic culture does things. He only has the position of owner because he inherited it. To his credit, he obviously has some level of business acumen, some type of idea of the economics, but as an NFL owner, he appears not to be at all savvy with on-the-field activities, policies or procedures. So many businesses exist throughout the world that were thriving with an original owner seem to stumble and even go belly-up when they hand it over to family members who are clueless and just take the windfall. Not that the Raiders have shit-the-bed, but something has not been consistently clicking over the past twenty seasons.

I think if the Raiders lose on Monday night, Mark Davis will - maybe even should - release McDaniels and promote Mick Lombardi as an interim HC. Should Patrick Graham be ousted or demoted, then just turn the defensive scheme over to Rob Ryan. I'm sure the coaching staff could be shaken up as well as it appears that with so many redundant and possibly ineffective assistants, there may be too many cooks in the kitchen and it all seems like overkill. Or, if the ownership waits and the Raiders have only three wins at the bye week, then heads should roll.

Pipe dreams and my own rambling, but that's what fans do, right?

RN4L!! Peace and love my fellow Raider fans.