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Silver Minings: Post-Week 10 AFC Wild Card standings

LV is back in the race at 5-5

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Houston Texans v Cincinnati Bengals
C.J. Stroud
Photo by Dylan Buell/Getty Images

After the Las Vegas Raiders’ 16-12 win over the New York Jets on Sunday Night Football, the Raiders are back to .500 and are back in the AFC Wild Card race. So let’s take a look at the standings and see where the Silver and Black stand heading into Monday Night Football.

Current AFC Wild Cards

5. Pittsburgh Steelers 6-3

6. Cleveland Browns 6-3

7. Houston Texans 5-4

Outside Lookin In

8. Cincinnati Bengals 5-4 (GB 0, HOU owns tiebreaker with Week 10 win over CIN)

9. Buffalo Bills 5-4* (GB 0, HOU owns tiebreaker based on conference win percentage)

10. Indianapolis Colts 5-5 (GB 1)

11. Las Vegas Raiders 5-5 (GB 1, IND owns tiebreaker based on conference win percentage)

12. Los Angeles Chargers 4-5 (GB 1.5)

13. New York Jets 4-5 (GB 1.5, LAC owns tiebreaker with head-to-head win)

*The Bills play the Denver Broncos on Monday Night Football tonight

The Raiders did get some help with the Texans beating the Bengals to create a logjam of five-win teams in the playoff hunt. Tonight, Raider Nation needs to join in with Broncos Country to hope Denver can pull off the upset to keep Buffalo from pulling into the seventh seed. Right now, that Week 2 loss in Buffalo is looking like it could hurt Las Vegas.

Next Games

  • Pittsburgh @ Cleveland
  • Cincinnati @ Baltimore TNF
  • Buffalo vs. New York Jets
  • Indianapolis vs. Tampa Bay
  • Las Vegas @ Miami
  • Los Angeles @ Green Bay

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