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Community Pulse: Lots of folks watch Raiders from home

Where do you watch games?

New York Giants v Las Vegas Raiders
Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images

Where do you watch the Las Vegas Raiders play?

That was Tuesday community question this week.

It seems like home sweet home is a popular place for fans in this community to cheer on the Silver and Black.

Here are some of your responses:

Home. Cheaper, and safer than leaving a bar halfcocked.
Exiled Raider
The truth?
I'm on the other side of the world, with anywhere between an 8 to 12 hour time difference depending on where the game is played.
Luckily the Mrs, quickly grew fond of the Silver and Black, (and Football in general). So for me, it's lounging around in my PJs either in the dead of night or very early morning and watching in my bedroom.
Plenty of snacks, my darling close by, and the cat snoring like a horse, what could be better?
In my bedroom. I hate watching games with any kind of company
Been watching the Raiders since before I was married, which was in 1969
At first my wife would learn to go shopping or visit people to get away from the yelling and cursing
Then she got used to it and confined me to my bedroom
I did have enough sense to make sure the door locks from the inside
From under the covers with my eyes closed.
Definitely at home. Nobody needs to see me meltdown in public when the team gives up another double digit lead in the second half.
Couch. Unless I'm at my annual Raiders getting ass wooping in Allegient Stadium!
used to be a heavy dose of drinking in section D of the parking lot and then from the 35-40 yard line 33 rows back at Oakland coliseum section 117. Now its from a sofa in Concord CA - darkened room with a amazon fire stick, the pirate stream has been solid this year, a bit behind the broadcast but whatever. if my sons are in town the often come by for the game, I tell them, someday they will see a winning team.

Thanks again for your thoughts.

As for me, I cover Raiders’ games in my home office and have the television on in the living room for extra sound. As for as my free time (non-Raiders’ prime-time games) I watch at either my buddy’s garage (it’s pretty sweet) or at home with my wife. And yes, they are adult beverages involved (not during Raiders’ games, of course).

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Cheers and happy weekend.