Dolphins, Not Chiefs is the True Marker

Sorry pundits of the BSPN and X category - the real test for this "new wunderkind" under AP is the Dolphins - not the Chiefs.

Reasoning suggest the Dolphins, fresh off their bye week, at home, healthy as they have been all year and averaging almost 31 ppg against this this sometime porous secondary and non-existent interior pass rush bodes ominous for the Raiders tomorrow in Miami.

Every metric says this should be a blowout - maybe on the epic scale. (hopefully not Donkey epic)

Now I am not saying it will be that outcome, but I surmise that the absolute talent difference between the two teams will be the overriding difference in the end.

Patrick Graham must be having seizures trying to figure out how to slow the track stars with so little talent on his side of the ball. Still, I trust he will come up with some kind of soft between the 20's approach (nothing over the top) and hope to keep them to FG once in the RZ - IMO, this would be a very good approach and hope our offense can play complimentary football all day long.

In any case, win, lose or draw - this game is the truest marker of the acumen, the toughness and the fortitude the AP led Raiders will have for the remainder of the season - literally every metric is against them.

How will we ride? Stay tuned. I have it 17-31 Dolphins who break away late with all that rest, and speed.