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Silver Minings: Week 11 AFC Wild Card standings

Raiders’ odds take a hit

Pittsburgh Steelers v Cleveland Browns
Myles Garrett
Photo by Nick Cammett/Getty Images

Missed opportunities appear to be the theme of the week for the Las Vegas Raiders in Week 11. Not only did the Raiders drop a one-possession game to the Miami Dolphins, but Las Vegas’ playoff hopes took a hit as they could have pulled within a half-game of the AFC’s third Wild Card spot.

AFC Wild Card Standings:

5. Cleveland Browns 7-3

6. Houston Texans 6-4

7. Pittsburgh Steelers 6-4

In the Hunt:

8. Buffalo Bills 6-5 (0.5 GB)

9. Indianapolis Colts 5-5 (1 GB)

10. Denver Broncos 5-5 (1 GB)

11. Cincinnati Bengals 5-5 (1 GB)

12. Las Vegas Raiders 5-6 (1.5 GB)

Next Week’s games:

  • Cleveland @ Denver
  • Houston vs. Jacksonville
  • Pittsburgh @ Cincinnati
  • Buffalo @ Philadelphia
  • Indianapolis vs. Tampa Bay

The Bengals losing Joe Burrow for the season should give Las Vegas one less team to worry about down the stretch. However, the problem is they could also use Cincinnati upsetting Pittsburgh next week. Also, early season losses to the Bills and Steelers could come back to bite the Silver and Black as those tiebreakers could prove to be valuable at the end of the year.

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