Against the Dolphins AOC had a poor, dull game. Missed some key passes and didn't have that same accuracy or heat in his throws.
He isn't mobile QB and so extending the play with his legs is not much of an option and his pocket presence can be termed questionable. Unless he gets an offensive line that gives him time, he's a back-up and will probably end up like a Brian Hoyer.
I agree, with nothing to lose AOC should start the last six games and that will be the factor going forward. If he plays like he did against the Dolphins, he's a dead man walking. If he suddenly, overnight starts putting up +300 yard and 3 TD games, then he's the starter in 2024.
Another point is that Bo Hardegree doesn't seem to be the answer for Offensive Coach. He's an career assistant that got tossed into the turmoil and some the plays called against the Dolphins were head-scratchers. Granted, all coaches have their share of bad plays called, but some on Sunday against the Dolphins were downright clunkers.
And do any QB's in the league - outside of a few - audible and change the play at the line? Seems like they don't. So, if any QB sees something that is doomed to fail, he won't make the change, as if "well, coach called it and if it fails he gets screwed. If I change it at the line, I get my butt kicked." So, they keep the formula. Even though we always hear the players give the "it's on me" line, it really isn't. It's just presser and media bullshit that keeps everyone working and the paycheck coming in.
The Dolphins seemed very lackluster for most of the game even though their stats looked great. The Raiders had a bunch of great opportunities in Miami's territory to put up a TD or two, but managed to stink it up with some of the most mediocre of play-calling.
But, the Raiders played well enough. They were competitive and I was happy that their attitude showed up.
If McDaniels were still here, I think we would all say we can all say that they'd be 3-8-0.
KC is on the horizon and hopefully they will be up for this game and give the Chiefs a hard time, maybe get a few breaks and capitalize, coming out with a surprising victory.
That's my rant.