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Pros and cons of coaching for Mark Davis

Is Raiders’ owner a plus for Raiders in a coach search?

New York Jets v Las Vegas Raiders
Mark Davis
Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images

Yes, Antonio Pierce may end up being the Las Vegas Raiders head coach in 2024.

Yet, even if the interim coach is promoted, there will need to be somewhat of a coaching search after the season.

So as another coaching search looms, let’s see examine if Las Vegas Raiders owner Mark Davis is looked at as a good owner to work for:


He’s hands off:

Davis really hasn’t been known as much of a meddler. He wants his coaches to coach and to lead his program. That’s why he gave Jon Gruden and then Josh McDaniels so much power. Coaches have freedom under Davis.

He wants to win:

Davis, first, is a fan. He loves wearing his satin Raiders jacket and repping his squad. He is who he and all he wants is the Raiders to win and to further his father’s legacy. He supports his coach (as we saw with McDaniels) until the end.

He’s in Vegas, baby:

Davis spent big on Gruden and McDaniels (and he reportedly owes him and fired general manager Dave Ziegler between $80-90 million) and will likely spend big again. The valuation of the Raiders has skyrocketed since the move to Las Vegas three years ago. Davis wants to match the Vegas glitz with splash on the field. He will pay to win.

New York Giants v Las Vegas Raiders
Mark Davis, Antonio Pierce
Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images


He hasn’t won:

There has been a lot of blame to go around during the Raiders’ collective woes over the years. Coaches and players have gotten their share of the blame. But since he took over in October 2011 when his father Al Davis died, Mark Davis has been the common denominator in the Raiders’ losing. There has been just two playoff appearances and no postseason wins during that search. Yes, he inherited a woeful situation, but he hasn’t made it better. Prospective coaches may wonder if Davis gets in his own way.

He’s gone through a lot of coaches:

There have been five permanent head coach in 12 years under Davis. That’s a ton. Candidates may want some answers. No one wants to join a franchise knowing there is a long history of fast turnover.

Not a football guy:

Al Davis was a football guy through and through. Mark Davis is the son of a football guy. Now, not all (or many) NFL owners are football geniuses and many have inherited their teams like Davis has. But all of this may play into the fact that he hasn’t won and has gone through a lot of questions. Many people wonder if he really understands the business he’s in.


Look, there’s only 32 of these gigs, so they’re all coveted in their own way. Davis may not be known as a top-tier coach, yet at the end of the day, there are reasons why candidates will want to work for him.


Do you think Mark Davis is a positive for the Raiders when it comes to hiring a coach?

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