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Silver Minings: Las Vegas giving up less points than usual

Raiders’ defense is impressing in key department

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Syndication: Palm Beach Post
Raiders’ defense

It’s official — the Raiders’ defense is improved in 2023.

11 games is a strong sample size and the team is improving in a key (the most important area) department — points allowed. Las Vegas is allowing an average of 20.5 points per game. It’s their fewest total in 17 years.

Yes, the unit isn’t perfect. Yes, scoring is down throughout the NFL and yes, the Raiders have played several awful offenses and quarterbacks. But the 20.5 allowed average is the 13th best in the NFL. So, that’s pretty solid.

Las season, Las Vegas was allowing 25.0 points a game through 11 games, so that’s a big improvement. The problem, of course they are averaging 16.8 a game after averaging 24.0 points a game through this point last season. They were 4-7 at this point last season and now, of course, are 5-6.

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