Raiders Reality Check

The current 5-win, 6-loss 2023 Raiders team still has a chance to improve upon last season’s 6 - 11 record but virtually no chance of making the playoffs. In its last six games, the team has two sure losses to the Chiefs. I do not see them beating the Vikings. That leaves three games against the Chargers, Colts, and Broncos. Payton has the Broncos surging so I do not see a Raider victory there. The Raiders should beat the weak Colts team and the Chargers game is a toss-up, depending on whether Brandon Staley is still the coach. So, the Raiders are looking at a 2023 record of 6-11 or 7-10. ESPN currently has the Raider’s drafting 8th in the 2024 NFL draft apparently based on complex analytics and this is consistent with my 2023 season win-loss prediction.

I fully agree with starting AOC the rest of the season. The Raiders need to determine if he is a potential top fifteen NFL quarterback or a serviceable back-up. Jimmy G’s injuries and weak arm finally caught up with him. He has two years of $20+ million to enjoy thanks to the stupidity of Ziegler and McDaniels.