Rethinking Las Vegas

Our team is rudderless and everyone is happy about it.

Mark needs to just trade the Chargers for their name and logo, and the Chargers can be the Raiders.... He'll never be able to build anything that Wins in Vegas being so close to LA.

Then, the Raiders fans will have their team free to put in scrub QB's for 9 years while pretending they are good. Or they can put their brand new quarterback out there year 1 to go 3-13... They can call for coaches heads and sellout games....

The Las Vegas Chargers will be able to sellout their games, and get premium coaches and sought after players that Mark wants without being bothered, because they aren't bothered at all now through all of their struggles.

Vegas deserves better.

...and the "Raiders " will be next to the ocean like actual raiders are. We are like the Raiders of the Lost Ark.

I guess the 'Name the Team' contest back in 1960 had us as the Oakland Señors.... Maybe the Las Vegas Señors kinda fits at the moment...

Question of the week:

Who's got it worse in week 12?

Raiders vs Chiefs
Chargers vs Ravens
Broncos vs Browns