I'm sure that after two games, a fair majority of the lifelong Raider fans have all but tossed in the towel and the team will have yet another no-playoff season.

I give credit to AP, he does have intensity, but he now has morphed into what seems to be the deer in the headlights look. He came in after the McDaniels debacle with a lot of hoop-and-holla, bells and whistles, got player's adrenaline up and got that motivation going. The first two games they looked like "old school" Raiders against the Giants and Jets. Then what appeared to be a dull Miami team came along and they lost, but the effort was there. Then the Chiefs...they caught them early in the game, played inspired and shook up the place. That is, until the Chiefs started to do what the Chiefs do which is take over and win the game.

After the first quarter, it looked like the Raiders were running out of gas and got outscored 31-3 the rest of the game.

With five games left, I think they will go 1-4-0...maybe if lucky 2-3-0 but they will end up with a 6 or 7 win season.

I don't see Pierce coming back as the HC even though all the media pundits were praising his initial efforts and his "working-class hero-ex-player" persona. He comes across as a decent guy with an attitude that gets people involved and can and will work with him. He'd be a great boss in any work environment. But, as we've seen in other sports, any coach's "Rah-Rah" personality only works for awhile and once that glitter goes away, people will turn it off, get used to it and it will just become another day, another dollar.

IMHO: it looks like in 2024 it will be yet another new HC and staff, another "rebuild".

Oh, well. It will always be RN4L no matter what.