Earlier in the day I had my knee-jerk, overreaction after the loss to KC. a fan since 1965, I'm allowed that, as we all have our criticisms, complaints and fan frustrations. That's why Raiders fans are so dedicated.

My point is that I just watched Pierce's presser and I have re-thought my rants and I think that Mark Davis should break out the contract and give AP a three year deal (with future options) to see how the system will work under AP.

I think we all can see that O'Connell is progressing and the more he plays, the slower the game will become. He's got a mature sense and damn if he doesn't fire that rock at times.

So, in spite of myself and my previous post/rant, I'm hoping that AP does get the HC job.

I apologize fellow Raider fans. Sometimes the bullshit comes out before stepping back to see the full picture.