Can Aidan overcome Frank Reich?

Dude. I went on the Panthers site at the beginning of the season and told them to start Dalton and Win the division.... Easy as pie.... My daughter lives in North Carolina and hates football because she grew up in Vegas before sports got there.

So I wanted the Panthers to start Winning. When they got Dalton, I thought wow this is easy... Then Frank Reich does the unthinkable. I mean, really? Did he throw in the towel thinking the Saints were gonna run away with Derek? Bryce Young came out trash just like Derek did back in 2014 with the same 1-10 record as Derek and Frank Reich fired, rightfully so.

I absolutely think it was wrong putting Derek out there to go 3-13 his rookie year... I about lost my dinner when the Silver and Black Show was talking about something like Aidan's QB rating being as high as Derek's in 2014... It's getting really cheesy and pathetic around here in Raiderland.

No one focuses on the fact that we scored 3 points in the 2nd half over the last 2 games. Isnt that the most important part of the game?

The Raiders suck.

I think the decision to not to put Jimmy back out there is a huge mistake that should cost AP his job, like it did Dennis Allen, and like it did Frank Reich. What's the problem? Some of us don't want to watch a science project and were jipped out of half of a season... I didn't know the season was 8 games long and then you give up and throw in the rookie.... Then you want to bash Peters for not legging out a base hit? What about our team and next season? His pick 6 ain't worth nothing if he's not willing to risk injury in a futile effort? Ode to Bruce Irvin....

If you ask me, the decision to roll with Aidan is twice the infraction of Peters effort, he heads to a playoff team as our team grows Bush League...

This is the kind of thing that will blow this team up. The clock is ticking. It's gonna keep getting worse, unless Aidan can overcome Frank Reich.