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Silver Minings: Davante Adams believed ‘it was time for a change’

Adams thanked McDaniels but thought it was time to move on

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Las Vegas Raiders v Detroit Lions Photo by Cooper Neill/Getty Images

The Las Vegas Raiders are starting a new era midway through the season. The firing of Josh McDaniels and Dave Ziegler was a surprise but a much-needed change for Raider Nation. The players’ reaction on Thursday displayed they had the same feelings as well.

During his press conference on Thursday, Davante Adams was candid in his response to the firing. He thanked McDaniels and Ziegler for allowing him input on the offense but believed it was time for a change.

“At this point, don’t get it confused; it’s not a celebration that we have a new coach and changes were made. Obviously, I think it was time one way or the other. It was time for some sort of change. Just to bring a little juice in and revitalize the team a little bit.”

The locker room was worn out of the Patriots’ way. A lot of the fan base ignored the NFL survey that talked about the players’ feelings about McDaniels. After practice Thursday, it felt like the team was loose and ready for Sunday vs. the New York Giants.

Will it lead to results on the field? We will find out soon enough.

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