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Raiders poll results: Fans believe Mark Davis’ can be a positive for team

Poll results say owner can attract good coach

NFL: Las Vegas Raiders at Miami Dolphins
Mark Davis in Miami
Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports

It appears there is a new honeymoon period between the Las Vegas Raiders’ fan base and team owner Mark Davis.

Davis has often caught the wrath of the Raider Nation during times since he took over the franchise after his father, Al Davis, died in 2011.

Yet, his October 31 firing of disliked head coach Josh McDaniels and general manager Dave Ziegler has won Davis a lot of points with the fan base.

During a post last week, in which we looked at the pro and cons of Davis during a potential 2024 head-coaching search, we asked our community members if they think Davis is a positive when it comes to a coaching search.

In a bit of a surprise, the yes votes won in a fairly tight race as it received 308 votes and the note votes had 274 of the 582 votes.

In the end, there is no doubting that Davis wants the Raiders to be a winner. But his history isn’t great. Maybe the McDaniels firing is the a turn in the right direction. Many fans surely believe that’s the case.