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Raiders poll results: Fans split on Jim Harbaugh

What a tight poll

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Purdue v Michigan
Jim Harbaugh
Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images

Well, our Jim Harbaugh poll couldn’t have been much closer.

And so it’s official: Las Vegas Raiders fans are split on whether they would welcome Michigan coach Jim Harbaugh as the next head coach of the team.

Last week, prior to the Kansas City game, we asked our readers if they would like Las Vegas owner Mark Davis to hire Harbaugh as the head coach in 2024. Reportedly, the Raiders are one of the teams that would interest Harbaugh if he returned to the NFL after a nine-year absence.

In a poll with 1088 votes cast, 545 voters said no to Harbaugh, while 543 voted yes.

Wow. That’s crazy close.

The Athletic recently reported that the Raiders and Chicago Bears (he played there) are two potential jobs he would have interest in and there may be others.

Davis has had interest in Harbaugh in the past and he admires Harbaugh, a former Raiders’ assistant.

There are reasons why to think Harbaugh would be a good get for the Raiders because he has won at every level. But there are some negatives that would come along with him as well.

And it seems this fan base grasps that that pretty well.