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Submit your bye week mailbag questions!

The down week is a good time for offseason questions

Kansas City Chiefs v Las Vegas Raiders
Aidan O’Connell
Photo by Candice Ward/Getty Images

First off, I want to apologize for leaving you guys in the dark and not doing a mailbag last week. On top of the holiday, I was moving and just didn’t have the time but I greatly appreciate your patience and understanding!

Anyway, the Las Vegas Raiders have their bye this week so while we don’t have a game to discuss, this is a great opportunity to get some answers to any questions you have about the offseason. Free agency, the draft, the coaching search or whatever is on your mind, feel free to fire away.

Send your questions my way by either dropping a comment in the comments section below, tweeting at me (@MHolder95) or via email at I’ll follow up with another column in the coming days.

If you don’t have a commenting account already, you’ll need to create one but the steps are pretty easy and it’s a seamless process. Also, we have full-time moderators to enforce the Community Guidelines.