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Silver Minings: Raiders sign Malik Reed to the active roster plus other moves

Raiders move around the roster before Sunday’s games

Pittsburgh Steelers v Philadelphia Eagles Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images

The Las Vegas Raiders enter a new era mid-season with the firing of Josh McDaniels. Antonio Pierce becomes the headman of the Raiders to finish the season after a 3-5 start.

Many players on the roster will be playing with new energy with the coaching change. They now face a New York Giants team that is 2-6 and not playing well on offense, just like the Raiders.

When it comes to stopping the Giants, the importance of stopping the run comes into play. The Raiders need as many of those players as possible. That is why they moved Malik Reed to the active roster to help with the pressure and be a solid run defender.

Netane Muti will be active as a guard for the Raiders, with DJ Turner helping with special teams. Preseason stand-out Kristian Wilkerson was waived to make these moves possible.

The Raiders are showing new life in the locker room and press conferences. Let's see if it translates to the field.

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