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Raiders poll results: Fans want to pass on a Justin Fields trade

Most fans aren’t interested in Chicago quarterback joining Las Vegas in 2024

Chicago Bears v Minnesota Vikings
Justin Fields
Photo by Todd Rosenberg/Getty Images

Yes, it does, indeed, seem like we’re in for another offseason of quarterback discussions when it comes to the Las Vegas Raiders.

Sure, rookie Aidan O’Connell can change the narrative, but there is expected to be plenty speculation of what the team will do at the quarterback position in 2024 just as was the case in the 2023 offseason.

Well, the speculation has already begun. Recently, the Las Vegas Review-Journal looked into whether the Raiders could be trade partners with the Chicago Bears for third-year quarterback Justin Fields. The natural connection is that Raiders’ interim general manager Champ Kelly was with the Bears when Fields was drafted. So, Kelly would likely need to get the full-time job for this scenario to make the most sense.

We asked out community what they think about a Raiders-Fields pairing and the general thought was a hard pass.

In a poll with 991 votes cast, 79 percent of the voters (778 votes) said ‘no’ to a Fields’ trade with 21 percent (213 votes) in favor of giving the young quarterback a change of scenery.

I get that sentient. Sure, Fields may have a chance to develop, but I agree with the masses that the Raiders should aim higher in their pursuit of the starting quarterback of the future.