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Silver Minings: Owners continue to delay partial sale of the Raiders to Tom Brady

The deal with Tom Brady continues to held up by the owners

Connecticut Sky v Las Vegas Aces Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images

The Las Vegas Raiders are coming off a historic victory on Thursday Night. The 63-21 win set the tone for the rest of the year after an ugly performance vs. the Minnesota Vikings.

Last week, the NFL had its previous round of league meetings to discuss what's next for the league. One of the items was the partial sale of the Raiders to future Hall of Famer Tom Brady. The sale of the Raiders to Brady has been in process but continues to be delayed by the NFL owners.

Even after the meetings, there was still no progress on approval of the deal. Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk reported on the continued delay of the sale.

It’s still not clear if/when the partial sale ever will be approved.

The problems, based on reporting from the league’s October meetings indicate, include the recent rule against giving equity to employees to Brady’s upcoming broadcasting career with Fox to a discount of as much as roughly 70 percent of the purchase the price charged by Davis to Brady for up to 10 percent of the team.

It has been a while since the announcement that Brady wants to join the Raiders organization. At this point, it makes you wonder if it will ever be approved.

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