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Community pulse: Charles Woodson among favorite free agents

Fans go back in time to name their favorite Raiders free-agent signings

San Diego Chargers v Oakland Raiders
Charles Woodson
Photo by Lachlan Cunningham/Getty Images

Our Silver and Black Pride Tuesday Community Question this week gave our Las Vegas Raiders community members a chance to go back in time and name their favorite free-agent signings by the franchise.

As always many fans went back in time with the favorite Raiders’ moves.

There was Charles Woodson, Jim Plunkett and several great players mentioned.

Of course, NFL free agency and changed a lot. In the old days, free agency was basically players being signed off the scrapheap. But the great Al Davis excelled in that area.

Now, free agency is big business. Perhaps in the future we will see the Raiders excel in that area.

Here are some of your responses:

Limey Raider
Kelechi Osemele of recent years.
Turned our O-Line into an intimidating outfit. Good times.
Plus he had a head shaped like a pineapple.
Gannon and Plunkett were obviously big winners, but I rather like Todd Christensen, who had been released multiple times as a fullback, but the Raiders signed him and converted him into a tight end.
Big Dog
My favorite defensive Raider off all-time : Ted Hendricks
The coming home of woodson because well I wasn't NFL conscious for most of the great FA signings just appreciated them after the fact. Thats how old they were.
From the era when free agents meant fired players not resigned by previous team and discarded.
Blanda, Plunkett Hendricks Matuszak - How Al built his teams hiring rejects.
in the more modern era when Free agents were just testing waters for more profit and success era - gannon/rice.
lol Adds...I listed those exact same four along with Woodson and Sistrunk. Then expanded on that. the list is so long of great FA signings....not so much lately
Carlson would be an exception. Maybe our best kicker ever

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Cheers and have a great weekend.