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Silver Minings: Post-Week 15 NFL Draft order

Raiders fall out of top 10 with win

NFL: APR 27 2023 Draft
Roger Goodell 2023 NFL Draft
Photo by Scott Winters/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

While the Las Vegas Raiders got a big win on Thursday Night Football in Week 15, the Raiders’ playoff hopes are still pretty slim. So, let’s take a look at where they stand in the NFL Draft order after this weekend’s action.

First Round Order

The order below is via

  1. Chicago Bears (via 2-12 Carolina Panthers)
  2. New England Patriots 3-11
  3. Arizona Cardinals 3-11
  4. Washington Commanders 4-10
  5. Chicago Bears 5-9
  6. New York Jets 5-9
  7. New York Giants 5-9
  8. Los Angeles Chargers 5-9
  9. Tennessee Titans 5-9
  10. Atlanta Falcons 6-8
  11. Green Bay Packers 6-8
  12. Las Vegas Raiders 6-8
  13. Seattle Seahawks 6-7*
  14. New Orleans Saints 7-7
  15. Denver Broncos 7-7
  16. Pittsburgh Steelers 7-7
  17. Arizona Cardinals (via 8-6 Houston Texans)
  18. Buffalo Bills 8-6

Playoff Teams

Tampa Bay Buccaneers 7-7, Los Angeles Rams 7-7, Minnesota Vikings 7-7, Indianapolis Colts 8-6, Cincinnati Bengals 8-6, Jacksonville Jaguars 8-6, Kansas City Chiefs 9-5, Cleveland Browns 9-5 (HOU owns first-round pick), Dallas Cowboys 10-4, Detroit Lions 10-4, Miami Dolphins 10-4, Philadelphia Eagles 10-3*, Baltimore Ravens 11-3, San Francisco 49ers 11-3

*The Seahawks play the Eagles tonight on ‘Monday Night Football’

In other Raiders’ links:

  • Raiders open as 10-point underdogs: DraftKings Sportsbook has Las Vegas as heavy underdogs on Christmas Day in Kansas City.
  • Tom Brady's ownership delayed by owners again: “It’s still not clear if/when the partial sale ever will be approved,” Pro Football Talk’s Mike Florio wrote. “The problems, based on reporting from the league’s October meetings indicate, include the recent rule against giving equity to employees to Brady’s upcoming broadcasting career with Fox to a discount of as much as roughly 70 percent of the purchase the price charged by Davis to Brady for up to 10 percent of the team.”
  • Antonio Pierce’s odds to become full-time head coach: “Probably as much as the 3-0 loss to the Vikings hurt his chances four days earlier,” ESPN’s Paul Gutierrez wrote in response to how much Thursday’s win improved Pierce’s changes. “Each game is a season unto itself, but as more than one player said in the locker room after beating the Chargers, they are playing for Pierce and interim general manager Champ Kelly.”
  • Hypothetical trade sends Davante Adams to Ravens: “For the Raiders, it would be an opportunity to get out from under Adams’ massive contract while gaining another valuable piece to the puzzle of rebuilding,” Alex Ballentine of Bleacher Report explained his rationale for sending the wideout to Baltimore for a first-round pick. “Whoever the new general manager is would get an opportunity to draft another guy he likes without having to plan around a player he didn’t bring in.”