Gruden would be good but…..

there may be slightly better alternatives.

I’ve recently learned that decades old performance trumps most current results. Also averaging an 8-8 record over a career is deemed "good". And an offensive leaning coach that produced an 18th or worse offense 10 out of 14 yrs is actually pretty solid. That’s right, this place is full of all that deep dive knowledge! Well, I’ve got good news - we might somehow be able to do better. Be prepared to get excited!

Since Jon Gruden = good, then Ron Rivera might be just a shade better. Check it out. Gruden winning % =.512, Rivera = .510. Both w/ 5 playoff appearances. Gruden started 50-30 with 1 SB win, Rivera started 47-32-1 with 1 SB loss. Here’s where Rivera might separate from Jon. In Ron’s most recent stint, he took a 3 win team and made them into a 7 win team yr 1. Jon went from 6 to 4 wins. Ron won 22 times in 1st 3 yrs where Jon had 19 wins. And the deciding factor - Riverboat Ron’s offenses have performed at a much higher clip than our favorite ESPN host’s. Rivera only had a below average (16 or worse) offense 5 times out of 11 full seasons, Jon’s offenses below average most of his career (9 out of 14 yrs) And a kicker - Rivera currently coaching so no layoff.

Another alternative of course is Jeff Fisher. Both with a identical career .512 winning %, both left a "playoff caliber" roster for the coach that replaced them, both made 1 SB appearance, and both were "good" enough to have very long careers. But of course I’ve learned there’s a HUGE difference between a 1 time SB winner vs a 1 time SB loser. No problem……these SB winners are unbelievably still available:

Gary Kubiak! Higher winning % (.522), 1 SB ring and a whopping 5-2 playoff record. That’s right…Kubiak still available!

Brian Billick. Much higher winning % (.566), 1 SB ring, better playoff record than Chucky (5-3) and both he and Gruden got fired the same year from their SB franchise. Plus he’s also a TV personality. If Jon is good then Billick must be borderline excellent!

This final one is a pipe dream, but George Siefert is somehow still available. Really unfair comparison though - because if Jon is good then this guy is an all time great. Career winning % of .648. 1 SB win, an incredible 10-5 playoff record and - ready for this - had a top 5 scoring offense 8 times (4 times the #1 offense) in his career. Offensive genius!!! Now granted he hasn’t coached since 2001, but success in the 90’s is what really counts… I right?

So many others "good" coaches still available from Lovie Smith, Marvin Lewis, Jim Fassel, Steve Mariucci, Bill O’Brien, Matt Nagy - ALL with higher career winning% than our favorite TV QB guru. Some borderline "good" ones still available too like Jack Del Rio, Dave Wannstedt, and Norv Turner - all just slightly worse career winning % than Chucky - but each coached 10+ yrs. As I’ve also recently learned on this informative site, you have to be pretty darn good to last 10+ yrs as a HC ….as Norv Turner’s illustrious 15 yr HC career clearly proves

If the idea of landing a good candidate like Chucky gets you going, then you must be pretty damn excited I’ve uncovered these hidden gems. I've already alerted Jim Gray to start a background check on each of these hot candidates!