The delusion is real amongst Raider Nation

Ever since Antonio Pierce was chosen to replace He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named, there has been a strange fascination with Pierce among the fans. I often hear how the team is more motivated under Pierce's leadership. That speaks more to the lack of professionalism from the players than anything Pierce has done coaching. Mark Davis could have hired the mechanic that has kept his embarrassing old Minivan running to coach the Raiders and the team would have responded. The comments under the articles also claim the Raiders are "more prepared" under Pierce. That whole premise falls apart after halftime when the coaching staff is incapable of making adjustments, and the Raiders stall out and look horrible doing it in the second half.

So I ask you all, what is it about Antonio Pierce that tickles your collective fancies? Pierce never played a snap for the Raiders. This isn't like Charles Woodson got the interim job and Raider Nation wants him to be the full time Head Coach. Is the love for Pierce because he grew up in SoCal and wore Raiders gear? I've been wearing Raiders gear since I was about two years old, and nobody wants me to be the Head Coach (for some reason). Pierce was a high school Head Coach for a few years, and then a Defensive Coordinator (?) at Arizona State. So, there's really not much experience to note.

So what is the reason? The two wins against the Jets and Giants are not impressive. In the same way that Jeff Saturday getting his only NFL Head Coaching win against the 2022 Raiders isn't impressive. The Raiders were surprisingly competitive against the Aquatic Mammals of Miami, but I chalk that up to Miami not taking the Raiders seriously. Then there was the FuKC game....... started out brilliantly, but all too predictably ended up getting blown out. You might say hey, SoulPatrolling, losing by 14 points isn't getting blown out! I say to you, getting outscored 31-3 after taking that 14 point lead does qualify as getting blown out.

Pierce has made several questionable decisions in-game as well. The field goal attempt against the Indigenous Tribal Leaders that ended up being a Carlson miss. The lack of aggression before halftime in Miami. Questionable coaches challenges. I've already mentioned the lack of halftime adjustments. So where is the confidence in this man coming from? Insanity? Pure delusion? It's certainly not from any kind of logical thinking. Are we Raiders fans this jaded that we believe Antonio Pierce is the next John Madden because John was also a Linebacker coach? Collectively as a fan base, we need to get a grip on reality. Pierce isn't the guy. Which brings me to the man who IS the guy.........

Jim Harbaugh! He's the most obvious choice. A winner everywhere he goes! This is a man that took Colin Kaepernick of all people to a Super Bowl. I hear Harbaugh is mean. When did these athletes and even the fans become so soft? How pathetic is that as an excuse not to hire him? I'll never understand why the coaches have to be best friends with the players now. I thought sports were about winning, and competing for championships. Guess that can only happen if the coach is a "people person". Absolutely embarrassing way to think. Coaches coach, players play. The worst thing that could happen to the NFL is coaches becoming useless like they are in the NBA. Where the players are in charge. How's that going for them? The NBA is a joke now.

I'm done rambling. I'm sorry this was so long, but I have a lot to say on this subject. Looking forward to hearing from you guys and gals!