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Silver Minings: Bo Hardegree will be back in the booth vs. the Kansas City Chiefs

The offense dominated with Hardegree in the booth

New York Jets v Las Vegas Raiders Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images

The Las Vegas Raiders are prepping for the AFC West reigning king, the Kansas City Chiefs. After blowing a 14-point lead in their first match-up, the Raiders look to even the series in Arrowhead.

New play-caller Bo Hardegree is going through growing pains on the job. He had a great first half vs. the Chiefs in Week 12, but the second half saw the offense stall. It was followed by the abysmal offense vs. the Minnesota Vikings in Week 14.

Hardegree changed from the field to the booth when facing the Los Angeles Chargers. It helped the Raiders score 42 points in the first half, setting a franchise record.

On Tuesday, Hardegree spoke on the difference between the field and the booth.

"The differences, obviously, you can see the full field," he said in his press conference on Tuesday. "You guys (in the media) are up there. You can really see it pretty quickly, so you get instant feedback, which is important as a play caller."

The adjustments were also made, with Hardegree able to see the field better and help out his young quarterback.

Fans should expect him in the booth for the rest of the season.

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