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Raiders coaching search poll results: Jon Gruden, others aren’t doing it for fan base

Fans don’t want a repeat

Chicago Bears v Las Vegas Raiders
Jon Gruden
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We are still two-plus weeks for a Las Vegas Raiders coaching search.

And there have been plenty of potential candidates speculated about. We have delved into many of the rumors and we have asked our fine community members what they think about certain candidates.

It seems the fan base is much more interested in keeping interim head coach Antonio Pierce rather than turning to an outside candidate

That includes familiar faces.

There has been rumors that Las Vegas owner Mark Davis could try to bring back Jon Gruden for the third time. Gruden, of course, was forced to resign in 2021 after an email scandal emerged.

We ran a poll with 2,835 votes cast. Fifty-nine percent of the votes (2,000) voted against Gruden with 41 percent (835) opting for a reunion. It’s my opinion that the no votes are correct. What’s the point of a third go-round with Gruden?

There has also been reports that the Raiders could have interest in Rich Bisaccia, who was their interim coach in 2021. He led the Raiders to a 7-5 record and a playoff berth. Davis didn’t want Bisaccia, now the special teams coach in Green Bay, then. Would he want him now? Our voters hope not.

Fifty-nine percent (293) voted no and 41 percent (205) voted yes. I get it. That ship may have sold. Why would Bisaccia be a better option than Peirce at this point. Pierce knows the current roster.

Another reported possible candidate is former Stanford coach David Shaw, who was a Raiders’ assistant two decades ago. There was little support for his candidacy as 76 percent (376) voted no and just 24 percent (119) think Shaw would be a good fit.

Then, there’s the Jim Harbaugh talk. This one was close. Fifty-percent (545) voted no and 50 percent (543) voted in favor of the Michigan coach.

What does it all mean? Fans are leaning toward Pierce. But we will see how it all plays out.