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Raiders’ fans New Year’s Resolution: Keep Antonio Pierce and Champ Kelly

This was an easy one

Las Vegas Raiders v Kansas City Chiefs
Antonio Pierce
Photo by Kirby Lee/Getty Images

Everyone is making their New Year’s resolutions for 2024 with the calendar flipping to January in three days.

While we all work on our own personal plans, we thought this week was a perfect time to talk about Las Vegas Raiders’ 2024 resolutions in our weekly Tuesday Community question.

Unsurprisingly, the focus of our responses was essentially a message to Las Vegas owner Mark Davis. Fans want the Raider’s resolution to focus on making interim head coach Antonio Pierce and interim general manager Champ Kelly the permanent leadership pairing for the organization going into next season.

Why not?

Here are some of your responses:

Give the current FO a real shot at building this franchise.
sign them to 2 year deal now.
No Brainer on coach, we should go heavy on Oline and beef up DT. Give AO4 a chance, we've sucked all these years and we never had a running QB only great Olines. Would like to see some WRs in mix and we can climb out of basement and take back our throne.
The team needs to give Pierce the job and stop the merry go round constant rebuilding. Let him take what the team has and improve the weak areas. Ironically I wrote the same thing a couple of years ago with Rich B. The team needs stability and consistency and that is especially true a the quarterback position. AOC is inconsistent. Consider this: Joe Flacco has the Browns on track for the playoffs, yet they're not going to keep him after the season ends. He's still got a strong arm and at least a couple more seasons left in him. What if the Raiders bring him on next year. With the talent they have now he could keep them in playoff contention while they draft a young qb and let Flacco mentor him for a couple of years.
New Year's resolution - sign up the whole new FO team to a 2 year deal. If we make the playoffs next year - give them all a raise and a 2yr extension.
Use the cash we save from dumping Davante on the Jets.
dont know about mine...BUT Raiders org should get the Las Vegas glitter out of their eyes and IMMEDIATELY HIRE A. Pierce for at least 5 years as HC....Look at the change he's created on this team...A Former player who gets the respect AND inspiration in the locker room!

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Cheers and have a great weekend. And, of course, Happy New Year. Let’s all crush 2024.